• Learning Through Symbolism and Celebrations by Mary A. Love

Learning Through Symbolism and Celebrations by Mary A. Love


Written in an easy-to-understand format, designed for use by clergy, lay persons, ministers of music, church musicians, Christian Educators worship leaders, Vacation Bible School directors and teachers, deaconesses, alter guilds, acolytes, and any one interested in growing in their understanding of symbolism.
       Two unique features are provided in this resource. One is the inclusion of information sheets and study activities to enable persons to use the resource as a teaching tool. Symbolism is packed with meaning that is only revealed if the hidden meanings are understood. The gospel message is told over and over daily through the presence of symbolism and special celebrations throughout the Christian year. This book invites you to enter in creative dialogue and allow the symbols to communicate. The second unique feature is the month-by-month listing of special days and celebrations along with the history and other information about the event.  161 pages
       Paperback published in 2010