• Stomping at the Savoy by Bebe Moore Campbell

Stomping at the Savoy by Bebe Moore Campbell


Author: Bebe Moore Campbell, Illustrator: Richard Yarde

“Mindy has made up her mind. No way is she going to dance in her recital, not in front of all those people. Not even her three dancing aunties can persuade her to go.

“But then a talking drum spirits her away to that hoppingest dance club of them all -- the Savoy Ballroom. The magical ballroom where dancers move like acrobats and the music leaves every seat empty all night long. Mindy can’t believe her eyes. And in the middle of all that leaping, stepping, and stomping, she has no choice but to move her happy feet!

“Introducing Richard Yarde, whose unique watercolor style brings to life the spirit to Bebe Moore Campbell’s jazzy story. Sure to keep your toes tapping and the pages turning.” © 2006 Hard cover