• Silver Rights by Constance Curry

Silver Rights by Constance Curry


Silver Rights resonates with clear-eyed determination, down-home grit and sweet triumph. It tells the true story of the Carter family of Sunflower County, Mississippi – African American sharecroppers who, in 1965, sent their children to desegregate an all-shite school system.
     Mae Bertha and Matthew Carter had a dream for their children: to get them out of the cotton fields. The only way to make this happen was to get them the best available education. So, when white school and county officials cynically met the letter (but not the spirit) of the new civil rights laws with a “Freedom of Choice” policy, the Carters bravely took them up on it and chose the best local schools – the white ones. Called “a powerful antidote to cynicism and a welcome tribute to the power of faith” by Hodding Carter III and “inspiring” by the New York Times, Silver Rights overflows with Connie Curry’s compassion and the Carter Family’s fierce determination to win those shining, tantalizing “silver rights.” © 248 pages
     Paperback published in 1996