• Reaching Up for Manhood by Geoffrey Canada

Reaching Up for Manhood by Geoffrey Canada


From a troubled youth navigating the mean streets of the South Bronx to an inspiring education activist who evokes praise from the lies of President Barack Obama, Geoffrey Canada has made a remarkable personal journey that cemented his dedication to underserved youth. His award-winning work was featured in Davis Guggenheim’s documentary Waiting for “Superman,” and he has been hailed by media, activists, teachers, and national leaders. Michelle Obama called him “one of the my heroes,” and Oprah Winfrey refers to him as “ an angel from God.” Here, Canada draws on his years of work with inner-city youth and on his own turbulent boyhood to offer a moving and revelatory look at the little-understood emotional lives of boys. And who better for this task than the man Elizabeth Mehren of the Los Angeles Times calls “one of this country’s leading advocates for youth.” © 160 pages
      Paperback published in 1998