• I Remember Miss Perry by Pat Brisson

I Remember Miss Perry by Pat Brisson


Author: Pat Brisson  Illustrator: Stéphane Jorisch

“It’s his first day at a new school, and Stevie has never felt so nervous. Who will he talk to at lunchtime? But his teacher smiles an says, ‘It is my fondest wish that you join me for lunch today, Stevie.’ And with that, a bad day becomes a great one.

“Miss Perry has a fondest wish for every day -- something new to read, sing, celebrate. But when news arrives that Miss Perry has died in a car accident, everything is suddenly strange and sad. With encouragement, though, Stevie and his classmates see that the joy their teacher brought is not lost. To feel it, they need to look no further than their own memories.

“Here is a warm and tender story about childhood loss and memory’s power to heal. Readers of all ages will be moved by its depth and honest, and buoyed by its amazing capacity of joy.” © 2006 Hard cover 30 pages