Justice seen in a Black-Eyed Susan t-shirt (Adult sizes)


The creating artist Lucy Lee McClure writes, "June 2, 2020 was a pivotal day for me -- The day I chose to attend a Peaceful Protest in my sweet city of Oak Ridge, TN. My heart was in turmoil. I had listened to a live Facebook conversation between local minority youth and our city’s police chief. It was facilitated by one of our City Council Members who also serves as a pastor. The conversation was open and honest but also respectful and loving.

     "After listening for well over an hour I was so moved by this group that gathered to discuss difficult racial issues and dreams for a better tomorrow that I too wanted to be a more proactive part of the solution. Truthfully, I had no idea what to do. One of the young men in this conversation organized a march in our city for that very afternoon. He was supported by the police and city leaders. They had decided to not only talk about their support but show it by marching alongside our youth.

     "I knew that even in a pandemic I needed to mask up and march as well in total support of justice. Attendance is one way of showing support but as an artist I wanted to speak my support visually by wearing my message. I knew in The Language of Flowers that the Black-eyed Susan was a symbol of Justice. So I painted one on a shirt and wrote “JUSTICE” underneath the flower. On the back of the shirt I wrote, “SEEK JUSTICE LOVE MERCY” The center of the flower is made by mixing all the colors of my paint together. You can still see pieces of red, yellow, blue, and green but they all blend in beautifully to make the center of the Black-eyed Susan!"