• Set of six "Why Child?" Posters

Set of six "Why Child?" Posters


One asks for an investment in sixty million bullet-proof vests, size extra small.

One raises the question of why is this child sick, “I have created great institutions for you, The HMO, the PPO, FLEX plans, COBRA plans, Medicare, managed care networks, supplemental expanded coverage. How lucky you are to be born in America, child. Why are you sick?”

A third promises, “I can keep you safe child, I have a Glock 9 millimeter, I have a Remington .22 caliber, a .357 Magnum, I have a Beretta semiautomatic with hollow tip bullets. I can keep you safe, child. So why are you so afraid?”

A fourth explains, “Hungry child, I did not make this world for you. You didn’t buy stock in my corporation. You didn’t invest in my mutual fund. Where were you when my company went public? I made the world for the rich and the will-be-rich and the have-always-been-rich. Not for you hungry child.”

With out-dated statistics, another points out “In America, one in six children live in poverty. Is this the America with a budget surplus?”

The last one again has out-dated statistics, “11 million uninsured children. How sick is that?”

Each of the posters measures 23 inches tall by 34 inches wide.