Equipping the Church Choir for Ministry: A Resource for Church Music Leaders and Choir Members by Eli Wilson Jr.


Historically, the church choir has been labeled as a ministry filled with conflict and tension. The blame for this behavior has been placed squarely on the shoulders of the choir members. However, in reality, the church choir has been a victim of dysfunctional leadership. The people we are privileged to serve will never rise above the level of our leadership. Equipping the church choir for effective ministry is directly connected to leadership that accurately understand the relationship between music and ministry. “Equipping The Church Choir for Ministry” is a resource for church music leaders, choir members, pastors, and seminarians. The book clarify the problems of music ministry leadership; addresses the need for a theologians framework from which to operate; brings to light the power and influence of music on the human instrument; discuss, in detail, biblical foundations of church music ministry and how it apply to us; it addresses the most important issues of music and worship; the importance of planning and implemented an effective rehearsal session; and highlights the leadership challenges the minister of music will face. You will find this book to be a excellent resource for the development of a choir orientation class.

 112 pages.
        Paperback published in 2008.